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The Breast Choice Chronicles: Spotlighting Colostrum

Exploring the benefits and importance of colostrum, the first milk produced after childbirth.

What is colostrum?

  • Colostrum is the first milk that is made by nursing parents. Did you know that you start making colostrum during the second trimester?

  • It can be thick like honey and lower in volume, but packed with nutrients and antibodies

  • It is the baby's first protection after delivery

  • Starts to change around days 3-5

  • Is often perceived as no milk but don't discredit the POWER of the colostrum, after all, it is MILK

  • It may vary in color and be clear to yellow

  • The baby is often the best removal of this thick substance from the breast and massaging can help with getting it out

  • Hand expression aka squeezing milk out is helpful

  • It can be harvested before the baby arrives but it is not recommended prior to 37 weeks and shouldn't be done without consulting with your provider.

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