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All Purpose Nipple Ointment aka Mothers Nipple Ointment

I recently saw this ad for essentially over the counter all purpose, also known as Mother's Nipple Ointment. It raised a couple concerns for me.

Number one, if you're having sore nipple pain and you're having this readily and easily accessible access to a medicated ointment, we are not really diving in to the root cause analysis.

Why are you having this sore nipple pain? Maybe your baby has tethered oral tissue, maybe you have subclinical mastitis. But by just using this ointment for relief, it's essentially just band-aiding on the bigger issue.

Not to mention that it contains a topical steroid, which can cause thinning of your skin with repetitive use.

So I would recommend seeing a certified lactation consultant such as myself to help you address the bigger issues.

Ingredients typically in All Purpose Nipple Ointment:

Mupirocin- antibiotic ointment

Hydrocortisone- Topical steroid

Miconazole - antifungal

What are your thoughts ? Let us know in the comments below.

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